Since its modest beginning in 1993, Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd. has grown considerably and cemented its position as a trusted and preferred vendor to well known companies around the world. In addition to servicing the apparel manufacturing needs of major international corporations, the company has also partnered with many smaller clients around the world, and has grown with them over the years. Relationship building has always been an integral part of Indian Designs founding principles and its many long standing clients around the world bear ample testimony to this fact.

A brief overview of our company

Our Mission
To be one of the best managed apparel companies, maintaining the highest standards in all that we do.
Management Philosophy
A well established workforce creates a much more conducive working atmosphere, understands systems better, leads to higher productivity.
Trusted and Preferred Status
We enjoy trusted and preferred vendor status with our clients.
Our Objectives
  • Modernization, expansion and technology up-gradation to achieve international standards of excellence.
  • Marketing focus on the changing customer needs.
  • Cost control in all areas of operation and effective management to meet global competition.
  • Motivation of employees towards achieving our goals.

Our Strengths
  • 9 modern, self-contained manufacturing units with state-of-the-art sewing facilities.
  • 6,000+ machines to handle all types of sewing operations.
  • Workforce of 10,000+ and growing.
  • Production Capacity : 1.8 million pcs per month.