Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd. was started as small scale industry in a small hub, in the year 1993. By the efforts of many hands and hearts, we are able to extend our branches in Bangalore, providing and creating employment opportunities for thousands of people. Hereby, we are able to contribute for the improvement of quality of life and the dignity of our employees.

CSR according to Indian designs is Care, Support and Reassurance.


To help underprivileged children realize their dreams and build a constructive and sustainable environment.


Committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable changes through education and environment.

idARE :

indian designs Army for Restoring Environment

was the first initiative of ID in the year 2008 towards conservation of environment in and around the locality and so far we have been able to nurture 900 saplings.

There is hope- that people will begin to awaken the spiritual part of themselves and the heartfelt knowledge that we are the caretakers of this planet.

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Id-Care is the flagship Program of ID initiated in the year 2010, which aims at supporting access to quality education for under-privileged children belonging our employees. Innumerable efforts have been made to promote education through the Id-Care program and thus, empower our children.

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource.

- John F Kennedy

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Columbia Sports wear in association with BSR introduced Project- HER at one of our factory in the year 2010. A selected group of Peer Health Educators will be trained on 6 various modules and in turn these PHE’s will train the co-workers. This factory has been taken as a model by BSR, to introduce the same in various factories in India and abroad. IDEPL has adopted the same model and introduced it in two of our factories located in Bangarpet in the year 2012.


An NGO providing shelter for more than 700 abandoned people with separate homes for men, women and children.
(Mentally unstable people from streets and offer them a second home with love and compassion).
Our support towards their medical care & basic needs to maintain the hygiene of home continued this year as well.

Sandhya Kirana

In association with Columbia Sports Wear, ID is supporting Sandhya Kirana, by donating Old Used News Papers. Sandhya Kirana is an Old Age Rehabilitation Center that provides employment opportunities for senior citizens of age 60 years and above. They prepare paper bags and other articles and sell it in various retail shops. The amount which they receive by this activity will be distributed among the old people.