idARE :

indian designs Army for Restoring Environment

“Nature is not a legacy left behind by our ancestors but a loan from our younger generations.”

“ He that planteth a tree is a servant of God, he provideth a kindness for many generations, and faces that he hath not seen shall bless him.” – Henry Van Dyke

With such age old and golden thoughts in mind we set out to restore our environment and towards that, our first step is to make our surroundings greener by planting as many saplings as possible and care and nurture them until they become young trees and can sustain themselves for the rest of their life.

These plants will grow, conserve Soil, improve the water table, purify the air, provide nesting to millions of birds . . . and hence will have a positive impact towards repairing the troubled environment.

There is lot that we owe to nature and an initiative like this, though in a tiny way, will help restore the wealth of clean, safe, healthy and beautiful environment.

Towards achieving this objective . . .

idARE Team

Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd., to be more specific Mr. Javeed Haroon, Director, Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd., a passionate tree lover, doing his bit for conserving the surroundings by planting trees, was inspired to go a step ahead and came up with a concept of building an army of like minded enthusiasts, that could work towards a wider horizon and not just its surroundings, and ‘idARE’ was conceptualized. The response was inspiringly overwhelming as all of us are responsible for the deteriorating quality of environment and don’t have an avenue or a platform to help rejuvenate it. ‘idARE’ has been utilized as a platform by many to contribute their share of concern towards the environment.

idARE’ is craving to grow faster towards re-construction of environment and hence volunteering for the cause.

We invite our clients to participate and join hands with us for this cause. As being present for this might be hard, ‘idARE’ has come-up with an idea of adopting the plants and ensure their well being until they are capable of surviving on their own. This option will ensure the flexibility of your participation in the noble cause without actually having to preside. The adoption period is for 2 years only after which, the plants can grow carefree.

“So little to give and so much to receive”.


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