Meet Our New CEO: Dr. Venkatesha Babu

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Before joining us at Indian Designs last August, Dr. Babu worked with Shahi Exports for more than 19 years. He holds a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality, Milwaukee. Implementing Six Sigma in the apparel industry was also the focus of his PhD Thesis at Bangalore university. He has plans of implementing it here as well and in this interview shares his journey so far.

Q. How has your move to Indian Designs been so far?

 It is very hard to believe that I have completed 8 months with Indian Designs. It’s simply amazing! I am at complete ease and feel perfectly at home. We have a great team here who are so welcoming and inspiring.

Q. Do you have any plans for implementing  Six Sigma at Indian Designs?

I have definite plans to implement Lean Six Sigma practices at ID. We will start the lean journey from our new factory at Madagasira and showcase the gains made to the rest of the factories.

Q. What inspired you to pursue Six Sigma in the apparel industry?

It is very satisfying to share that mine was the first-ever doctoral dissertation in the apparel industry on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. During the early 2000s, I used to read so many success stories on Lean Six Sigma transformations at General Electric, Toyota Motors, Motorola, Intel, etc. Reading Jack Welsh’s book Straight from the Gut inspired me to adapt this approach to apparel. Automobile and apparel both are manufacturing domains! However, The scope for improvement is much higher in apparel due to less automation and a very high human footprint. Success stories at MAS, Brandix and TAL show us that Lean Six Sigma can certainly work wonders in apparel.

Q. The world has changed in the past two years. What challenges do you think we as an industry will face in the Pandemic/ post Pandemic world?

External situations keep changing and they are never in our control. Challenges too are very transient in nature. The only option we have is to work on ourselves and become more resilient. We must make our processes and staff robust so that they can face any adverse situation. It’s more about what’s on the inside than the outside that counts.

Q. Where do you see Indian Designs in the next five years?

Indian Designs is one of the most trusted apparel exporters in the country. The management has created a very trust-based win-win culture within. The vision is for Indian Designs to emerge as the most valuable vendor partner for every customer we work with. Only with customer delight, we can scale great heights!


Q. Curious about your life outside the office? What are your hobbies, your favourite foods and how do you switch off on the weekend?

My hobbies are yoga and reading non-fiction. I love eating any South Indian vegetarian food. In fact, my wife is an amazing chef! Weekends are spent with family, watching movies, or just being plain lazy!

I am very grateful to the whole team and management at Indian Designs for accepting me as one of their own, right from day one! In fact, I feel as if I have been here forever!

Dr. Venkatesha BabuCEO
There is a great deal of motivation to be gained from a guiding voice. Dr. Babu’s expertise and vision crystalizes the path we are on as a company, inspiring us to grow and become more resilient to conquer new heights.