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Environmental Impact Intiative

Plant more. Simple, isn't it?

“The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.” ~ Rabindranath TagoreProtecting the environment from damage also involves restoring the environment as part of the solution. So we started at the simplest and most meaningful act. We planted more trees. And as easy as that sounds, it isn't.Our volunteers and employees also participate in adopting plants that need nurturing till they reach a stage of self care. So far, ID has planted about 900 saplings in the neighborhood of our workplace and are also overlooking their care and survival.We also involve neighboring schools in these activities so that the children can take it up as well at an early age. It is a humbling and rewarding feeling when their tiny hands get soiled in planting a tree they want to look after.


Bio-Energy Resource Plant installed in ID HQ

We have recently installed a bio-energy harnessing technology that effectively reduces our carbon footprint, cuts costs and encourages waste segregation.


Our investment in this has been a great start to a small but significant change in thought around our neighborhood. The technology functions on the feeding of wet/ organic waste to give an end reusable energy – Methane. This technology also supports the ability to have the output energy as electricity, but we chose methane to repurpose into our in-house canteen, to reduce the use of LPG, thus reducing our carbon footprint and our cost for the same, basically a win-win.

Here is how it works. At the end of each day, we collect the food wastes from neighboring restaurants and feed into this digester. The input has to be bio-degradable waste only, so no plastics.

As a result of this need, we have enforced the restaurants to segregate their waste (which was not a habit before this initiative). The input capacity is up to 250kg/day, for which the output of energy would be 15 m3/ day, equivalent to 8kg LPG. The slurry left behind is used as a fertilizers for our gardens and the other plants we are looking after in the neighborhood.

Bioen Technologies is an innovation company that specializes in waste management solutions that are focused on reducing negative environmental impacts, while re-purposing the biggest problem – garbage.

Environmental Impact

Reduction of carbon footprint by decreased usage of LPG

Behavioral Impact

Waste segregation being carried out effectively by the participants – The restaurants’ managements.

Cost Effective

Save money on LPG usage


Circle Collection

To encourage clients into green buys, we have initiated an internal collection dedicated to sustainability. The collection will promote creative solutions and display R&D finds that promote any choice benefitting the environment.The challenge that all vendors have been facing is that all buyers want sustainability, but the catch is, it comes with a cost. And in the end, the conversation does not come through into the buy that often, or at least as often as it should. The other challenge we face on the topic is the traceability.

We decided, the best way to solve both problems is to show it can be done. We explore all concepts of the product’s full life circle and look for any process that can be improved in a cost effective way. From developing patterns that use 100% consumption to waterless dyeing to recycled sourcing.

So do look out for our Circle label. Its exciting stuff!