Fashion Apparel

Inclusive of all markets & categories with 360 design services that include co-creation & 3D sampling.


ID Homes

Industrially engineered infrastructure & innovation-driven set up for manufacturing home furnishings & accessories.


Technical Apparel

We manufacture & export globally approved and certified medical wear & workwear apparel. We work with a sustainable and compliant supplier base for the sourcing of our technical fabrics.


Since its modest beginning in 1993, Indian Designs has grown considerably and cemented its position as the preferred vendor to companies around the world.

Our vision is to lead in circular manufacturing that protects our eco-system & builds on technology-driven workflows that are intuitive and human-centric.


Collaborative design support offered for creative solutions. With a firm handle on originality, consumer needs and brand aesthetics.


A well-established sourcing team for all the big and little needs with our valued supplier relationships.


We believe in technology that eases our workflow, be it 3-D mapping, latest in embroidery and printing, or our own R&D innovations on factory floors.


Sustainability is not a choice. We take ownership of our sourcing and end-to-end processes and encourage our buyers and suppliers to do the same.


All our units are compliant and workers protected. Our total production capacity is 3.5 million units per month.



Over 80% of our workforce is women. 



All sustainable, self-contained & compliant.



To handle all sewing requirements.

The Green Collar

Sustainability means nothing if it is not at the heart of every business.

Our "Why" has shifted to further understanding hidden solutions in every aspect of our operations and functioning. Efficiency is now a synonym for environmentally healthy. It isn't enough to not destroy. We need to rebuild. Of course, we meet all statutory requirements, who doesn't? However, we don't feel that is enough.

We do more.

We recycle our fabric waste and pump it back into the product pipeline, we convert regular material to recycled options, we educate, design, explore and discover new solutions every day. We invest. We plant. We don't give ourselves a choice because there isn't one. There never was.

Trusted by the Best


My sincere thanks to all the Indian Designs Team for their best efforts to achieve the desired results. I am sure Indian Designs would continue to perform like this for future seasons / phases as well.


Just as note to say that the communication we have now is fantastic, and the sourcing I have seen from my inspiration packs is the best I have got from any supplier !


Congratulations to entire INDIAN DESIGN team who worked hard to make it happen inspite of lot of challenges faced by the team.

PerumalColumbia Sportswear

Thanks a lot for your help and support in sending the samples well in time. You have really managed this program very well.

SaurabhBanana Republic

I have worked with ID for the past 6 years.
The make exceptionally high quality product with brilliant attention to detail.
They deliver techniques that other companies cannot master, such as garment dye.
They always deliver us an authentic, on brand product. We work so closely they are now an extension of our team here.

Laura HarrisonFatface

I have worked with ID for over five years as both designer on Women’s & Menswear whilst working for Fatface. I have been fortunate to go over and spend some time with the teams in head office and the factory. I was blown away by the factories working conditions, protocols and ethics. I came away feeling really proud and happy to be able to work with such a considerate and well run company. The eye opener was how many steps it takes to make our Breakyard cargo short and the expert machinists that create this time consuming garment. The attention to detail is proof off hard work, commitment and the care that this supplier gives to all their employees. I thoroughly enjoy working with ID.

Sophie PalmerFatface