Scholarship Program Initiative

ID Care is a scholarship program for the children of our employees, that are in need of the financial support. This not only helps create a sustainable and bright future for the beneficiaries but also keeps them from being employed illegally under the child labor law. We encourage our clients for support in any kind to help scale this initiative further so that we can touch more lives. The initiative has brought about big shifts in the way the parents think about education and labor.



Merit Based Screening Process Of Applications

This is usually the hardest part. Saying no. But we do our best to sustain a system so that there is a structure and clear motivation from the receiving end. Applications are selected based on student's past performance, however there are a few that make it as grey area based on need and potential.

Finalizing The Budget

In discussion with management, a budget is finalized for the allocation of scholarships for the given year. This is where White Stuff Clothing has a great contribution in helping extend the budget and provide more number of scholarships, that we would not have been able to grant by ourselves.

Follow Up & Mentoring

This is the most important task. Post collecting the fee structures from the schools and issuing cheques, there is mentoring for the children and parents, regular updates of the child's progress through school visits as well as counseling for the parents in the respective units.

Thank you White Stuff.

Two words that barely scrape the surface of our gratitude. Funding our scholarship program for the seventh consecutive year, since 2011, White Stuff Foundation have been an incredible partner in our cause and they have joined in and made it their own as well.
So far, we have 3168 beneficiaries over the last seven years.
We are grateful and humbled by their unwavering support, without which we would have never reached such numbers.

A brilliant video that really captures the essence of this initiative. White Stuff Clothing has supported 1300 scholarships so far through the sales of their Made for Change cloth bags, that are made in our factory as well, utilizing wasted fabrics.